What We Offer

QUANTITY SURVEYING. A quantity surveyor is a construction industry expert with professional knowledge on construction costs and contracts, quantity surveyors also known as Q&S who are depreciation specialists evaluate, calculate and report the tax deductions a property investor can claim annually for the depreciation of their investment property.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT. Project management is the practise of commencing, organizing, executing, controlling and concluding the work of a team to achieve specific goals and meet specific success criteria at the specified time. The aim of project management is to produce a complete project which complies with the client's objectives.

Due to our client’s evolving demand for improved services, we constantly reposition ourselves by adopting innovative approaches via modern technology in order to satisfy client’s needs,we are not just about quantity surveying or project management. Our vast experience and exposure has afforded us the opportunity to diversify the range of services delivered which has committed us to give you these services:

Our Features

Building Cost Management

We provide realistic and comprehensive cost advice on all aspects of the project right from the early feasibility stages of a project through to its completion.

Development Services

We offer a comprehensive development management services which include: Site search and identification, Management of Construction development process among others.

Program and Project Management

Our service is designed to meet the needs of individual clients and capabilities, and ranges from providing specialized assistance to in-house teams, to taking full responsibility for management of the entire process.

Mechanical & Electrical Installation Cost Management

We provide authoritative advice on costing of M & E Installations on large and complex projects, right from inception to the completion of project, to meet our clients’ needs, to limit the project risks, and assist in certainty of cost.

Construction Software Development (CSD)

We provide construction Software Development, merchandising and training in specialized Software, ‘RIPAC’, ICEPAC’ and ‘Rxcad’

PPP/PFI Packaging and Administration

We have developed our PPP/PFI Competencies to meet the varying needs of both Public Sector and Private Sector clients involved in PPP project delivery.

Design and Build

Our Design and Build teams are transactional, and could comprise of a collection of like minded Consultancy Practices.

Construction Claims and Disputes Services

We offer specialist technical and arbitration knowledge and experience in Construction Contract disputes.

Funders Representative

We have refined project credit assessment procedures to create a unique set of service that enhances Project Financing Profitability and reduced project failure rates.

Financial Services

We help our client access finance from banks and other mortgage finance providers.