To assist our large and sometimes multinational clients in their development/expansion program, we provide a comprehensive program management that culminates in the breakdown of the clients’ total program into workable, efficient and cost effective smaller projects to be undertaken under different development phases.

For straight forward, relatively large projects, such as head offices, hotels, housing estates, teaching hospitals, nuclear plants, process and other construction projects, we are able to provide specialists knowledge and expertise that is committed to a timely and successful project delivery of highest possible quality.

Our service is designed to meet the needs of individual clients and capabilities and ranges from providing specialized assistance to in-house teams, to taking full responsibility for management of the whole process.

Part of our strategies is the deployment of the American PMBOK approach to the delivery of Project Managementprocesses and our focus being on:

  • Scope Management
  • Risks Management
  • Time Management
  • Teams Management
  • Quality Management
  • Communications Management
  • Cost Management
  • Overall Management integration
  • Procurement Management

Our service is tailored to each clients’ needs, and their guiding development objectives. We are able to also undertake partial Project Management Services to meet specific objective. These include: -

  • Value Management and Value Engineering
  • Buildability Analysis
  • Project Financial Audits