The costs of Mechanical & Electrical Installations are becoming crucial to the overall costing of a building project to the extent that these costs now tend to determine whether a project proceeds beyond the drawing board or ends on the board and does not see the light of day.

The costing of M & E Installations is rather peculiar because there could be more than one solution to solving the requirement issue. Many a times, alternative costings must be reviewed before the adoption of the most appropriate design scheme.

CONSOL ASSOCIATES now provides authoritative advice on costing of M & E Installations on large and complex projects, right from inception to the completion of project, to meet our clients’ needs, to limit the project risks, and assist in certainty of cost.Our service delivery on M & E Installation includes:

  • Procurement Advice on M & E Installation
  • Preliminary Estimates and Cost Plans on M & E Installation
  • Bills of Quantities Preparation and Costing of M & E Installation
  • Evaluation and Costing of Design Alternatives
  • Post Contract Financial Management of M & E Installation