With over 10 years experience in representing many commercial banks and mortgage lenders in the assessment of project risks we have refined project credit assessment procedures to create a unique set of service that enhances Project Financing Profitability and reduced project failure rates. Our experience in this service cut across building projects, pipeline and oil projects, telecommunication projects, road projects etc.

Our service has been found to be very helpful in Heavy Equipment Leasing arrangements, and acquisition financing.

This service entails:

  • Initial Appraisal:
    1. Review/advise on project design and construction proposals.
    2. Comments on site constraints e.g Geotechnical, environmental and infrastructural issues.
    3. Review documentation, such as Specifications, Bills of Quantities, Development Control Procedures, and Procurement strategy.
    4. Advise on Planning and building regulations, site ownership documentation, warranties and insurances.
  • Project Monitoring:
    1. Review of progress against plan, and reporting on possible delays.
    2. Review of expenditure, to estimated costs and cash flows.
    3. Review of performance of developers, consultants and contractor.
    4. Assessing and advising on proposed additional costs and their likely value and impact.
    5. Advising on the draw down of funds for works done, due fees and other marketing and letting charges.
    6. Assessing likelihood of delays, proposals to eradicate or mitigate them and costs arising.
    7. Updates on Planning and statutory consents.